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YATT — WebService Debug 工具

从这则 Low level debugging webservices 得知了YATT (Yet Another Trace Tool) , Trace 工具已经太多,所以,这个东西叫 Yet Another Trace Tool :).

YATT is a project to replace the current proliferation of trace tools ( tcpTrace, proxyTrace, pcapTrace ), with a single extensible tracing tool. YATT features a new GUI built with WTL, complete with a Hex View mode, and currently ships with 2 Trace providers, one based on WinPCAP and one based on the W2K Raw sockets support. Tunnelling & HTTP Proxy providers will be added in a later build.

tcpTrace, proxyTrace, pcapTrace 这三个产品也可以在 PocketSoap 站点上找到. PocketSoap 是一个专注 Web Services 的小公司。站点上还有大量的代码可供下载研究用。
YATT 只有 220 K 大小,可谓短小精悍。不光 Debug Web Services 有用,普通的 HTTP 开发也用的上。
YATT(Yet Another Trace Tool)工具示例