Yong Huang 的站点和这个人

了解 Yong Huang 是在 ITPub 论坛上,第一感觉是“这个家伙英文真好”,仔细阅读一下他的发言,会发现他的发言几乎都是有的放矢,严谨到位,尤其对 Oracle Internal 和操作系统的理解非常让人钦佩。

经常去 Yong Huang 的站点去看看,在首页上有一行字 something you won’t
find anywhere else
,站点内容恰如这句话,很多别的地方没有的东西。比如 Windows oerr for Oraclepio and topio for Solaris and Windows … 技术文章有那篇被广泛引用的 Oracle X$ Tables ,在我的一个页面中曾厚着脸皮抄了该文的不少内容。还有很多 Yong Huang 自己在 Oracle 新闻组里的讨论内容,精心作了摘录,非常有参考价值。如果你用一点小技巧,还会发现他的一些技术”私藏品” :)

前一段时间注意到 Yong Huang 把自己的站点另做了一份镜像 ,可惜不是我期待已久的有独立域名的个人站点。曾通过邮件问了一下,Yong 的回答很谦虚,说自己还不够“高产”… 相比之下,我的站点的确是垃圾堆。汗颜。

7 thoughts on “Yong Huang 的站点和这个人

  1. Yong Huang

    Thanks, Fenng, and others for your compliments. In reviewing my web content (or anybody’s for that matter), remember not to go overboard. As I said to some folks on the Internet, one goal of my web site is to attract potential employers, and “if real gurus see some of it, they may laugh at it”. So keep a sober and critical mind, which many people on public newsgroups or mailing lists do not always have.
    Another point I want to make is that I constantly feel short of time to keep up with technologies. It’s just too easy to lag behind and eventually the quality of my writing degrades. You know why “Oracle8i Internals de zuo4zhe3 mei3you3 chu1ban3 9i huo4 10g de ban3ben3” (pinyin here intentionally).
    Thanks again. I learned a lot from itpub discussion, too. Merry Christmas.
    Huang Yong

  2. netbanker

    know Mr. Huang Yong from itpub long time ago, such an oracle guru and solid technical background.
    btw, I like the picture part more than the technical article ;-), keep updating please.


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