2006 Young Innovators Under 35

Technology Review 杂志日前发布了 2006 Young Innovators Under 35 。35 岁以下技术创新者。
获得年度创新者奖的是 Joshua Schachter ,大家对他应该不陌生– del.icio.us 就是这个老兄一个人打造的.
Song Jin . 97 年北大毕业的. 纳米技术.
Alice Ting . 出生于台湾基隆。致力于生物化学的研究。
Ling Liao . Intel 实验室, 芯片技术。 看名字应该是华人.
Ben Zhao . P2P 技术. 看名字应该是华人. 以前似乎是微软亚洲研究院的.

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  1. 5415

    >>>Ben Zhao . P2P 技术. 看名字应该是华人

  2. 5415

    Ben Y. Zhao joined the faculty at University of California at
    Santa Barbara in 2004. He received his Ph.D. from the
    University of California at Berkeley, where he worked under
    the direction of Professors John Kubiatowicz and Anthony
    Joseph. At Berkeley, he was the principal architect of the
    Tapestry peer-to-peer network and a co-founder of the
    OceanStore global-scale storage project. Ben serves on the
    TPC of a number of conferences, including the steering
    committee of AEPP and as Program Co-chair of IPTPS 2006. His
    research interests focus on large-scale networked systems,
    network security, mobile computing and overlay networks. Ben
    received his B.S. from Yale University and M.S. from
    University of California at Berkeley, both in Computer Science.

  3. Fenng
    欢迎参加UCSB 教授 Ben Y.Zhao的报告会
    美国 University of California at Santa Barbara 教授 Ben Y. Zhao(赵燕斌) 将到计算机系访问并做报告.
    时间: 10/27 下午2:00
    地点: 闵行电信大楼3-410
    Ben Y. Zhao 的研究领域有网络,分布计算,移动计算,P2P等领域. 他所开发的P2P 系统Tapestry是几个最重要的P2P系统之一, 他关于Tapestry 的论文曾被广泛引用. 他是IPTPS 2006的PC-chair.
    报告内容和Ben Y. Zhao简历如下…


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