OCFS 将出现在 Linux Kernel 中

最近看到一篇文章,提到 OCFS 将成为第一个添加到正式 Linux Kernel 中的集群组件:

Coming in future stable Linux kernel releases will be the Xen virtualization technology; Fuse, which makes it possible to implement a fully functional file system in a user-space program; and version 2 of the OCFS (Oracle Cluster File System), which will be the first clustering component to be added to the public kernel, Novell’s Kroah-Hartman said.

其他的包括: Xtensa architecture ;inotify 将替代 Dnotify ; Kexec 也将并入核心代码; FUSE; 红帽子的 GFS(Global File System) 因为版权问题,想并入 Public Kernel,却得不到许可;此外 Reiser 4 是否并入核心代码还不确定……