Quest 收购 Imceda

Blog 上看到的消息,Quest 刚刚收购了一家公司 Imceda.Imceda 公司一直致力于提供全方位的 SQL Server 平台的产品解决方案.

The acquisition is valued at approximately $61 million, of which 20% will be paid in shares of Quest Software Common Stock and the balance will be paid in cash. Quest currently expects that the transaction will be completed in the second quarter of 2005, subject to customary closing conditions and regulatory approvals including expiration of the applicable Hart-Scott-Rodino waiting period, and that it is estimated to be neutral to fully diluted earnings per share within the first 12 months of closing, and accretive thereafter.

长期以来,Quest一直在 SQL Server 相关的工具上少有建树.市场占有率十分微小.这次又故技重演,用杀手锏"收购"来获得市场的占有率.很多人都认为,Quest 是一家非常会收购的公司.

前一段时间还有人说 Quest 要被 Oracle 收购,没想到 Quest 还活得不错.

收购完成之后估计 Quest 又要开始重新调整自己的产品线了.不知道 Imceda 的产品会不会全面整合到 Quest central 中? 如果是的话,相信也会经过一个比较长的周期.

2004 年,Quest 正式进入中国.2005 年在中国会有什么好戏上演?


  • 产品中文化支持不够好;
  • 产品版本混乱

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