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总算通过Proxy站点看到了Tom的Blog.Tom 的Blog技术内容不太多的,但是有很多关于他自己的信息.比如,这个大师每天的时间安排,生活习惯等..Tom也透漏了关于他的Oracle expert one on one 的很多信息,比如写作安排:

This month is unique for I’ve taken most of it off from Oracle to work on the second edition of Expert One on One Oracle (to be renamed as WROX went out of business and Apress lost rights to use the “Expert One on One” tagline when they bought it).

This month I’ve been working on Expert One on One Oracle, second edition. It is sort of eye opening. I’m taking the book from being Oracle 8i, 8.1.7 and before specific and updating to 9ir1, 9ir2 and 10gr1. So much has changed. The single chapter that was chapter 2 (Architecture) is now chapters 3, 4 and 5. In Oracle’s quest to make things easier, it has become alot harder to describe! Look at files — lots of new “file stuff” from ASM to spfiles to flashrecovery areas. Memory, unbelievable. Describing the SGA used to be easy, how PGA/UGA memory worked — a piece of cake.

Now, are you auto PGA memory management and what about that pga_aggregrate_target which is more of a wish than a directive and add into that auto SGA management, manual SGA management and the hybrid automatic/manual mode you could put it in — well, 12 pages blossomed out to 35 pages.

I even have some 500 user tests in there, to show how workarea_size_policy = AUTO|MANUAL scale up in their use of memory… Wonder how I got that on my single cpu laptop?.. Actually I ran that on my dell poweredge server in the basement. It was quite fun, never did a 500 user test in my basement before. Things have changed since version 1 of the book.

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