When One Can Call Oneself EXPERT

什么样的人可以自称是 Oracle 专家? Oracle-L 列表中 Carlos Reyes 提出了这个问题(Here),是出版了多少本书?有多少年的经验?还是其他什么资格才可以?看起来似乎很平常但也没有正确答案的问题,却引了不少人来讨论。有一些答案很有意思,值得仔细琢磨。

比如有人说,”There are no experts, only specialists”。 Freeman Robert 这么说:

1. There are things I never quite understood right.
2. Things I didn’t know that I thought I should know.
3. That there are things that I knew at one time, that I completley have forgotten (I hate this one the worst I think).

也有相反的 Connor McDonald (http://www.oracledba.co.uk/) 比较狂:

I’ve always been an expert…Its just finding exactly what precisely I’m an expert in, that’s the challenge

Jonathan Gennick (http://gennick.com/)更为赞成:

I have expertise in writing SQL queries


I am an expert in writing SQL queries


I know everything there is to know about writing SQL queries

多数人还是不敢称自己为 expert ,不过也有人承认,在商业场合,可能是另外一回事了。

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