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Web 2.0 时代谁拥有数据 ?

最近 Blog 的圈子里因为 Tim O’Reilly 的一篇 What Is Web 2.0 而引发了很多讨论。看翻译版可以到 双叶 , 总结可以在 Keso 处找到. 什么是 Web 2.0 其实我不是很关心 . 倒是文中提到的一段话很有意思:

As Hal Varian remarked in a personal conversation last year, “SQL is the new HTML.” Database management is a core competency of Web 2.0 companies, so much so that we have sometimes referred to these applications as “infoware” rather than merely software.

数据库会是 Web 2.0 公司的核心竞争力 ?