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Some Informations from Tom

Tom 在自己的Blog(大陆用户似乎访问不到)中提起了 Oracle 10gR2 的一点信息–其实也不是什么新的信息,那就是 10gR2 已经存在了,并且虚势待发.

install 10g R2, it has been sitting on my desktop for two days now…

Tom 透漏的一个重要的消息是他的 Expert One-on-one 第二版将会首先以 CD 的形式发布.目前Guru Tom 的写作进度:

  • finish chapter 12 (new chapter that didn’t exist before on datatypes – who would have thought there is so much to say about datatypes..)
  • edit chapter 6 (well, that’ll be this weekend)…
  • do chapters 13, 14, 15 (that’ll be the end of volume I, new stuff for data unload/load, new stuff for parallel chapter that never exists and update partitioning to 2005)