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Dreamhost 又掉链子了一回

刚才我的 Blog 所在的服务器宕机, 两个多小时才恢复正常.以往的宕机都是在我不更新 Blog 的时候,倒也不是太烦人, 不过这次有些火大.
刚才登录进去看了看, Load 高达 150 ,权限不够,看不到系统在做什么. 决定监控一下 Dreamhost 的可用性:
https://www.dbanotes.net’s SiteUptime
刚收到 Dreamhost 管理员来的邮件:

We apologize for the inconvenience that you have encountered. However,
we have resolved an issue with your server and dbanotes.net is working
now. It appears that the server was rebooted, which usually means a high
load or configuration problem. Fortunately, our admins were on top of it
and have corrected the problem.

火气小了很多 :)