Movable Type v3.14 is out!

Movable Type 3.14 发布了。这个版本修正了 Comment spam load issue 问题。

MT-Blacklist v2.x 插件不受影响。已经应用在了本站的 BLOG 上。


“Comment registration is required but no TypeKey token has been given in weblog configuration!”

升级之后对站点重建了一次,速度真的快多了。要注意的是,分类归档在升级后要重新配置一下,要不子类别都变成 Top 类别了。

另一个值得注意的消息是 MT-Blacklist 发布了 v2.02a 的测试版,因为一个严重的 Bug 问题 该插件作者已经不推荐使用 v2.01b 了。
(obsolete due to a critical bug — use MT-Blacklist v2.02a)

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2 thoughts on “Movable Type v3.14 is out!

  1. napo

    你好,Movable Type 主要是用来做什么的呀?做Blog的吗?你的blog 做的挺好的,以后可以常来看看了

  2. Fenng

    Movable Type is an application that installs on your web server, providing a publishing platform for creating weblogs or news pages. Movable Type is flexible and is appropriate for use by web developers, professionals, organizations or businesses with customization needs. For a simpler start to weblogs, you can try our TypePad service, which includes all of Movable Type’s features on a centrally hosted server that requires no configuration…


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