MT-Blacklist v2.03-beta released

MT-Blacklist 的开发速度真是惊人。前几天刚提起发布了2.02 Alpha 版本,短短几天又发布了新的版本 v2.03-beta。Spam 这个恼人的问题什么时候能彻底解决呢?


  • Now using CommentFilter API callback to force moderate (fixes issue discussed here)
  • Added re-initialization functionality to mt-bl-load.cgi
  • Fixed bug for BerkeleyDB users which would cause some blacklist items to be overwritten by new ones.
  • MT-Blacklist now returns immediately upon encountering first blocking match (server performance issue)
  • Fixed bug which would cause master blacklist auto-update to fail
  • Moved execution of run_periodic_tasks much further back in the process for performance reasons.

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