Nutch 开始被 Apache “孵化”

Nutch 目前已被 Apache 基金会接受并放到了Apache Incubator. 项目状态在这里查看:

项目内容还在迁移过程中.目前状态是初始的“none yet”

Doug 在邮件中提及要招募志愿者帮助迁移 Wiki 和 Bug 库。相信该动作会很快完成。值得一提的是,Nutch 的项目描述有了一些变化:

Nutch is web search software. It builds on the Apache Lucene search library, adding a crawler, web database (including full link graph), plugins for various document formats, user interface, etc.

强调了和 Lucene 的关系.关于incubator的英文含义:

Pronunciation: 'i[ng]-ky&-"bA-t&r, 'in-
Function: noun
: one that incubates : as
a : an apparatus by which eggs are hatched artificially
b : an apparatus with a chamber used to provide controlled environmental
conditions especially for the cultivation of
microorganisms or the care and protection of premature or sick babies 

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