Oracle-L有变动 Steve Adams重新出山

Oracle-L 大概是目前最有权威性的Oracle邮件列表了。

现任管理员Jared Still 日前(8月31日)在邮件列表中宣布:

Having been the ‘owner’ and admin of this list for the past six years has been a (mostly) fun ride, and quite a learning experience.
All good things come to and end, and the time has come however to hand these responsibilities over to someone else.
Steve Adams has graciously accepted to be the admin and owner of Oracle-L. Most of you probably know or know of Steve If not, you are probably at least aware of his website

Steve Adams 似乎已经在技术界销声匿迹很久了,他的站点和他的那本大作 (Oracle8i Internal Service- Waits, Latches, Locks, Memory)

而此前,Jared Still 已经管理了Oracle-L这个邮件列表6年,6年,在IT行业中可不是短暂的时间阿


Steve Adams 是我所認識的人裡,最瞭解 Oracle 內部服務的傢伙
–Guy Harrison

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