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感谢 Troubleshooting Oracle Performance 作者 Christian Antognini 给中文读者的寄语。现在此书译稿已经进入排版阶段。期待能早日面市。

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I still remember when I saw for the first time part of my book translated in Chinese. I was looking at the news provided to me by Google Alerts when, among the other links, there was a link related to “Troubleshooting Oracle Performance” (this is one of the terms I monitor through Google Alerts) pointing to a Chinese page. I opened the referenced page and, it goes without saying, I was not able to read it. I just recognized the cover of my book and its name. So, I put the first part of the text in yet another Google application to let translate it to English. Then I understood what it was all about. It was part of chapter 1 of my book. Amazing!

If you have a copy of the Chinese edition in your hand, it means that the translators managed to finish their work. I know for sure that it was a huge undertaking and, therefore, I would like to thank David Feng、Jame Tong、Yiwen Hu and Yi Zhu for doing it. I know that they spent a considerable amount of their valuable time to translate the text. Thanks to them, more people will be able to learn something about Oracle Database, how to use it efficiently and how to approach performance problems. And that is something that makes me proud. I hope you will be one of them.

Christian Antognini
August 14, 2009

TOPcovers.jpg我还记得当我第一次看到这本书的部分内容翻译成中文的那一刻。当时我在查看Google Alerts服务提供给我的新闻,在这些链接中,有一条和”Troubleshooting Oracle Performance”(这是我通过Google Alerts服务监控的关键词之一)相关的链接指向一个中文页面,我打开该页面,不用说,我看不太明白。我只是知道和我的书有关。所以,我把第一部分内容用Google的另一个应用(Google翻译)译成英文。然后我明白这是怎么回事了。这是我的书中第一章的部分内容。令人惊讶!


Christian Antognini
August 14, 2009



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