OpenSuSE 10 Bytecode Interpreter and Anti-Aliasing Fonts

如何打开 OpenSuSE 10 RC1 freetype2 的 Bytecode Interpreter? SuSE 9.3 以前的 Bytecode Interpreter 默认都是关闭的。如果需要激活该特性,需要重新编译 freetype2 : 下载软件RPM 源代码包 ,然后修改 SPEC 文件 rpmbuild -bb …重新编译一下(参考这篇文档)。但这个方法对 OpenSuSE 10 来说不适用了:

On SuSE 10.0, freetype2 is already compiled with the Bytecode Interpreter enabled so you do not need to take care of it.


In SuSE 10.0, it’s a little tricky. The checkbox “Use anti-aliasing for fonts” as no effect if unchecked and it’s not considered as a bug by the maintainer.

需要编辑 /etc/fonts/suse-hinting.conf 在 78 行处 :

<test name="pixelsize" compare="less_eq">

把 double 标记中间的 0 换成 18.



更多详细的解释参考这篇:Optimal Use of MS TrueType Core Fonts on SuSE

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