Red Hat 电子杂志第三期

红帽子第三期电子杂志发布了。这一期最让我感兴趣的是 Coming soon to Enterprise Linux,有什么新功能会加入到 RHEL 中? D-Bus 将引入到企业版中.

What is D-BUS?
D-BUS is an IPC mechanism for sending and receiving messages across a common communications channel. At the protocol level D-BUS can be used as a peer-to-peer message transport for applications to communicate directly with each other. The real power of D-BUS comes from the bus daemons which act as routers for messages. There are two standard buses that a developer can rely on always being around. These are the system bus and the session bus.
The system bus is a global daemon that any application running in any context can use as a transport. It is a single point where applications can export services that anyone can use. Only one system bus daemon can be run at a time.
The session bus is a bus local to the current user’s session. It is used for communication between applications running within the same X session. For every login to X, a session bus daemon is started.


Desktop and hardware configuration 描述了新的HAL(Hardware Abstraction Layer)层将会引入到 FC 新版本和新的 RHEL 中,HAL 提供了单一的 API 用以发现系统中添加的硬件,硬件信息将由系统进行统一收集,统一管理、配置。


Introducing NetworkManager 介绍了网络管理工具 NetworkManager 的使用等信息。

LAMP lights the web ,老题材的文章,但是有新意。对使用开源工具建Web的技术人员有参考价值。这一期对 Firefox 关注不少,有专门介绍Firefox的文章Tips and tricks 中也涉及到相关 Firefox 的技巧。

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