Sun 下的 MySQL 蒙上了阴影

热热闹闹的 The 2008 MySQL Conference & Expo 还没落幕,一个不那么和谐的小道消息传了出来并被最终确定:Sun 计划对 MySQL 进行”选择性开源”,某些企业级的新特性源代码将不再开放。

谁知道 Sun 葫芦里卖的什么药,看家宝 Java 都开源了,在 MySQL 上还保留什么呢? 能否成为更受人尊敬的公司,还要看气度。这点上,Sun 始终扭扭捏捏。

一心要做 Web 2.0 中的这个 Dot 的 Sun,看来又要做活雷锋了,不过这次似乎是要帮助一下竞争对手 PostgreSQL。


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    这里有原文 /2337224.shtml [] 请看Marten Mickos的话: Thanks for all the comments on this. We are listening attentively. Let me clarify some facts: – 谢谢所有的评论。我们在认真地倾听。请让我澄清一些事实: * The business decision on this was made by MySQL AB (by me as the then CEO) prior to the acquisition by Sun, so this has nothing to do with Sun. On the contrary, Sun is more likely to influence this decision the other way. – 这个商务决定是由MySQL AB(在我任CEO时)做出的,发生在被Sun收购之前,所以这跟Sun无关。相反的,Sun更倾向于向相反的方向引导这个决策。 * It is not a quesiton of close sourcing any existing code, nor anything in the core server. Everything we have released under GPL continues to be under GPL, and the core server will always be under GPL (or some other FOSS licence). – 这不是要闭源任何已有的代码,也与core server无关。我们已有的按GPL开放的代码将继续服从GPL,core server将永远遵从GPL(或其它FOSS licence)。 * We will introduce backup functionality for all users (Community and Enterprise) under GPL in version 6.0. – 我们将在6.0版本里按GPL为所有用户(社区版和企业版,Community and Enterprise)提供备份功能。 * Additionally we will develop high-end add-ons (such as encryption, native storage engine-specific drivers) that we will deliver to customers in the MySQL Enterprise product only. We have not yet decided under what licence we will release those add-ons (GPL, some other FOSS licence, and/or commercial). – 另外,我们将开发一些高端增值功能(high-end add-ons) (如encryption, native storage engine-specific drivers),这些将只为MySQL Enterprise的用户提供。我们尚未决定我们将使用什么样的license来release这些功能(GPL, 其它一些FOSS licence, 和/或 商业 licence)。 * At all times, because the main backup functionality goes into the core server under GPL, anyone can of course use the api and build their own add-ons or other modifications. – 在任何时候,因为最主要的备份功能是被集成在core server中的,也遵从GPL,任何人当然都可以使用api来构建他们自己的增值功能或是进行修正。 Those are the facts on this. The interesting topic is of course the one of the business model and what the best business model for FOSS software is. I hope to cover that in a separate posting. – 以上是关于此事的一些事实。有趣的题目当然是与商业模式及什么是对FOSS软件最好的商业模式。我希望能在另一个帖子里讨论。 In all of this, you have our undivided continued commitment to providing a fantastic and complete MySQL server under GPL for anyone to download and use. If we for whatever reason would not do that, we would risk losing users to other open source databases or risk seeing a fork of our own product. This is the power of open source. – 不管怎样,我们将在GPL下为任何人提供优良的完整的MySQL server,您可以下载和使用,这是我们完全的承诺。 如果我们背离了这个承诺,我们的用户可能会弃我们而去,使用其它的开源数据库,或是将产生一个我们自己产品的复制品 (fork)。这是开源的威力。 Make sense? – 解释清楚了吗? Marten previously CEO of MySQL, now SVP at Sun – MySQL前CEO,现Sun SVP

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