Pillar Data–低价存储时代的开始?

看到一则新闻:Ellison-backed Pillar Data readies for debut.Pillar Data 这家公司在四年前就已经成立.低价可靠的存储系统? Axiom Storage System 无疑会给 EMC 和 Netapp 这样的公司很大的威胁,虽然现在看还有点过早.但是这个理念无疑是很有诱惑力的,否则Ellison–Oracle 公司的Big Boss 也就不会对这个公司投入大量的美金了.

用串口的ATA硬盘创建企业级的的存储? Pillar Data 在一篇白皮书里介绍了Creating Enterprise-Class Storage with Serial ATA Disks 实现上的一些技术规格,看起来还是很诱人的.

With widespread industry backing and a 10-year technology roadmap, Serial ATA represents a
landmark development in the storage industry. The Serial ATA Working Group (www.serialata.org)
delivered a standard that provides an unanticipated, but significant, opportunity for storage
providers to capitalize on its volume-driven economies of scale to build enterprise-class storage
systems at a surprisingly low price.
recent analysis of industry prices reveals the distinct cost advantage of Serial ATA disks over the
Small Computer Systems Interface (SCSI) drives commonly used by storage vendors. At such a low
cost, it is clear that Serial ATA-based subsystems can radically change the economics of storage.

Axiom can store 2T to 166T bytes of data, according to the company’s data sheets. Critical components include dual hot-swappable power supplies, disks and battery backed-up RAM.


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