Scaling Oracle8i

Scaling Oracle8i – Building Highly Scalable System Architectures

Scaling Oracle8i


  • 第二章、Hardware Architectures and I/O Subsystems
  • 第三章、Benchmark Concepts and Design
  • 第七章、Introduction to UNIX


At last, Scale Abilities’ co-founder James Morle’s highly acclaimed book is available for free viewing and download under a Creative Commons license. Don’t be fooled by the “8i” in the title – the principles and concepts presented in this book are still completely valid today!
The book is available in two forms – a PDF version that can be downloaded, copied, distributed, given away or put on your website, and an HTML version which will only be available at The PDF will remain mostly static, but the HTML version will be modified over time, thus the reasoning for a central location. Of course, the HTML version is perfect for linking to, and this is highly encouraged!


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