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网易这个创意很能体现 Web2.0 。虽说有点恶搞,但是这个”赛诗大会“的确好玩,通过简单输入几个词汇,即可欣赏自己的”诗作”,忍不住想笑。自从”丽华体”风靡互联网,忽然发现,每个人都是生活中的诗人呀。

期待与总统会晤的 Oracle 技术专家(Meet with Me, Mr. President)

很多 Oracle 数据库技术开发人员应该都读过 Steven Feuerstein 的图书。Steven Feuerstein,这位 Oracle 技术领域内的 Guru,最近却正在进行一项很让有趣的计划:与美国总统布什会晤
鬼才知道 Steven Feuerstein 怎么会有这样一个念头,他在 Blogger 上专门开辟了一个 Blog ,名字就叫做 Meet with Me, Mr. President,还有板有眼的一步一步的实施计划,开宗明义先说了为什么要与小布什会晤,嗯,会晤这个词更加符合他的语气 :)
Steven 说自己是美国公民,他纳税,税金支付总统的薪水,还有其他政府人员,从某种意义上说,他和其他纳税人是这些人的老板; 美国政府不是民主么,还是最为伟大的民主;总统又不是国王,看他一眼不会被判刑。所以,作为普通公民与总统会一面应该不是什么难事。他想与总统坐下来聊几个问题。(看起来合情合理)
也不是简单见个面握握手就行了,Steven 还有要求的:

1) 会谈至少半小时 ;
2) 无需单独会面,可以有其他人在场 ;
3) 要相互尊重。都是美国公民,在法律上一律平等;
4) 会谈可以被记录.

第一步,打电话联系白宫,被告知需要发传真申请,于是 Steven 发了一封包含如下内容的传真:

Why do I want to meet with you?
I will be very honest: I am not one of your supporters, politically. I strongly disagree with many of things you do and say. I don’t want to meet with you, however, in order to talk about our differences of opinion.
No, I want to meet you and spend a little bit of time talking to you, because I have also been extremely dismayed with how you have been presented through the media (the only way I have been able to directly experience you, to date).
If I had nothing to go by except for the newspapers, television and blogs, I would have to conclude that you are very friendly, but not very intelligent. People make fun of the way you talk, and your command of the English language. They say that you are a puppet pulled by Vice President Dick Cheney’s strings. They say you would rather take another vacation with your dog than actually buckle down to the tough business of running the wealthiest, most powerful country in the world.
I don’t like my President being portrayed that way, or to be that way. I travel to Europe a few times a year to teach software programmers how to write better code. I am continually shocked at the low opinion many Europeans have of my President. That is terrible, not only for you, but for America as a whole.
So I would like to meet with you so that I can be assured that the way the media covers my President is inaccurate and insulting.
I would like to meet with you so that I can experience first-hand your intelligence, compassion, sense of humor, and leadership.

9 月16 日,他收到了白宫一位助理的拒绝信,措辞很正规啊。期待 Steven 的下一步动作。哈。