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遇到 Oracle IMP-00020 错误


IMP-00020: long column too large for column buffer size (7)


IMP-00020long column too large for column buffer size num(x) 
Cause: The column buffer is too small. This usually occurs when importing LONG data.
Action: Increase the insert buffer size 10,000 bytes at a time (for example)
up to 66,000 or greater. Use this step-by-step approach because a buffer size
that is too large may cause a similar problem.

测试了几次 buffer size 调整还是报告同样的错误, 怀疑是 export dmp 文件坏掉了. 重新 export , imp 还是有问题. 逼得我没有办法, 不得不跑到 Metalink 上搜索(访问 Metalink 速度那叫一个慢啊! 好半天,总算看到结果了, 居然我是遇到了 Bug 2417643!