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Cost Based Oracle – Volume 1

此前我曾经提到过,Jonathan Lewis 可能在写一本有关 CBO 的新书.最近从他的站点上看到,他的新书 Cost Based Oracle – Volume 1 就要出版了.

Volume 1 of Cost Based Oracle covers the fundamentals of Oracle’s optimizer. The topic is just too big for me to be able to tell you all you need to know about every possible circumstance and every version – but this book gets you going with 90% of what you need to know for 90% of the SQL you will write. Not only does it explain the models used, the calculations, and the things that can happen at run-time; it gives you scripts so that you can reproduce the test-cases on your own systems and see the changes that appear as you change parameter values, enable or disable features, add hints, or upgrade your version of Oracle.

Jonathan 的写作态度一向很严谨.相对来说,不算很高产的作家.但是他在 dbazine 上的每一篇文篇章都会引起很大的关注.他的代表作品当然是 Practical Oracle8i — Designing Efficient Databases .虽然有个 8i 的题目,不过这本书即使是在10g 快开始风行的今天仍然又非常大的参考价值.