Bruce Perens’ Open Source Series

Bruce Perens 领衔编辑的 Open Source Series 原来都是 Open Source 版权发布,电子书可以免费从网上下载哦。

自从看了 Red Hat 电子杂志第一期的那篇 Understanding Virtual Memory ,感觉有些意犹未尽。昨天看到盗火者们放出来这本 CHM 格式的 Understanding the Linux Virtual Memory Manager ,真是有些意外的惊喜。

看到 Amazon 该书介绍页面上标题处还写着 Bruce Perens Open Source ,好奇心驱使我搜索了一下,哦,太棒了,原来这个系列的图书都是 Open Source 的。目前已经有 13 本书可以下载了。


领导这一系列图书的牛人 Bruce Perens 的介绍:

Bruce Perens is an Open Source evangelist and developer whose software is a major component of most commercial embedded Linux offerings. Perens is the founder or co-founder of Linux Standard Base, Open Source Initiative, and Software in the Public Interest. He is the former Debian GNU/ Linux Project Leader who was instrumental in getting the system on two U.S. Space Shuttle flights, bringing respect to Linux at a time when few people were taking it seriously. Perens is currently a consultant specializing in helping companies form Open Source policies and processes


Prentice Hall PTR is proud to publish the Bruce Perens Open Source Series with Bruce Perens, Series Editor. This series focuses on Linux and Open Source technologies, including new and emerging technologies; and it targets professional software developers, system and network administrators, and power users. The Bruce Perens Open Source Series is designed to give a voice to up-and-coming Open Source authors. Each book in the series is published under the Open Publication License (, an Open Source compatible book license. Electronic versions will be made available at no cost.



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