Putty 发布了 0.60 版

Putty 发布了新的版本 0.60,最有用的一个改进是在默认设定的地方可以存储主机名字。

– Pressing Ctrl+Break now sends a serial break signal in the serial
back end, and in the SSH and Telnet backends it asks the server
to do the same (if the server supports it). The previous
Ctrl+Break behaviour can still be triggered with Ctrl-C.
– On Windows, it is no longer necessary to configure high-numbered
serial lines such as COM10 as `\\.\COM10′; PuTTY does this
– You can now store a host name in the Default Settings.

还有不少 Bug 修订。估计 Putty 在国内网络人员中的普及原不及 SecureCRT。