Oracle Database XE 推出正式版

最近的 Oracle 产品消息:Oracle Database XE 推出正式版。正式版本在 32-bit 的 Linux 和 Windows 上可用.

  • Installs using native installers
  • English (single byte character set) and International (Unicode) versions available with support for 10 major languages
  • Supports up to 4GB of user data
  • May be installed on a multiple CPU server, but only executes on one processor in any server
  • May be installed on a server with any amount of memory, but will only use up to 1GB RAM of available memory
  • Fully upgradeable to other Oracle Database 10g editions
  • Oracle Text for efficient text-based searches

这个免费版本可以直接平滑升级到 Oracle 的其他版本,而且部署简单,能让开发人员迅速入手。不得不让人深深感到 Oracle 为了争夺客户煞费苦心.

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