Netscape 的大 Bug

这几天突然发现 MSN Messenger 的聊天历史记录不能正常显示.想尽了各种办法解决不了.而且,发现 IE 不能显示 XML 文件了,而 Firefox 还可以显示.莫非是 IE 出现了大 Bug? 查微软的新闻组,发现一些所谓的狗屁 MVP 回答问题也都是照本宣科,一点用没有.

今天看到了这个新闻:微软建议IE用户不要安装Netscape 8?,感到有些奇怪,点进去看看? 有意思的内容如下:

微软已告诫用户Netscape的最新的浏览器出现破坏IEXML呈现能能力.Dave Massy,IE的一位高级程序经理,在一篇blog网志中警告用户在安装Netscape 8 之后,IE将把包含一个XSLTXML呈现成空白页.

哦,刚好和我机器上的情形有些类似:前几天安装了一个Netscape测试了一下公司的页面,还没删掉.用Google找到 Dave Massy 的 Blog ,发现了如下的内容:

We’ve just confirmed an issue that has started to
be reported on newsgroups and forums that after installing Netscape 8
the XML rendering capabilities of Internet Explorer no longer work.
That means that if you navigate in IE to an XML file such as an RSS
feed or an XML file with an
XSLT transformation applied then rather than seeing the data you are
presented with a blank page.
We currently have the following work around for people that are
hitting this issue:
1 Uninstall Netscape 8
2.1 Type: regedit
2.2 Hit ENTER
2.3 Navigate to the following:
2.4 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Plugins\Extension
2.5 Highlight and right-click the node titled "xml" and select delete.
3 Restart Internet Explorer


BTW,用这个文件替换系统中的XSL文件,MSN Messenger 聊天历史记录看起来很舒服.


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